Another Day, Another Destiny

Even the darkest night will end, the sun will rise.

 Devil's Advocate

What I’m Wearing:

Hair/Wasabi Pills/ – Teeloh hair

EarsMANDALA Jewelry – Male Stretch Ears

Shirt: !gO! – Barbarian cape without a hood

Pants[Deadwool] – Lahood Pants

Boots: [Gos] – Triumph Boots (dirty black)

Belt: ED – Gladiator Belt (modded)

Quiver: Pucca Firecaster Creations – Elven Quiver Brown RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

HornsRemarkable Oblivion – Cherubim Horns – Longbow White (@ FaMESHed)

Stomach ArmorDPD – Abdomen Belt Dark II

Gloves.Shi – Fingerless Gloves

Arm BandDPD – Weapon Harness II Arm Band

Shield::RD:: Titan Shield RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Polearm[The Forge] – Might of Demacia Polearm

Shhh quiet, we’re hunting Orcs!

Cold be hand and heart and bone,
and cold be sleep under stone:
never more to wake on stony bed,
never, till the Sun fails and the Moon is dead.
In the black wind the stars shall die,
and still on gold here let them lie,
till the dark lord lifts up his hand
over dead sea and withered land.


For Fabi’s outfit details click HERE

For Mel’s and Kara’s outfit details click HERE

Orc Hunter

What I’m Wearing:

Hair/Wasabi Pills/ – Dragon Hair

EarsMANDALA Jewelry – Unisex Elf Ears

Full outfit{KD} Kahli Designs – Wayfarer Outfit

BeltPFC – Role Belt – Drunkard (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Harness[The Forge] – Arden Chest Strap Black ULTRA RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Upper Armor[The Forge] – Eldar Armor (Wood)

Leg Armor[The Forge] – Cadeyrn Armor (Bronze)

QuiverPFC – Elven Quiver Brown RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Staff[ Stitched Gods ] – Witch Staff RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

CircletWimey – Men’s Silver Fire Circlet

Shield: *[MeshedUp]* – Skull Shield ULTRA RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival) (modded the orc head onto the shield, picture of original is below)

Orc HeadPFC – Troll Hunter


I Dreamed A Dream

 There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time
Then it all went wrong

I Dreamed a Dream

So for this post, I did a joint picture with Yasmin (Yasmin Garsdale), author of and a truly awesome girl. I’m still featuring some items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, now open in world! Hope y’all like it!


What I’m Wearing:

Hair[Burley] – Kyle Hair

EarsMANDALA Jewelry – Male Stretched Ears

Chest ArmorThe Fallen – Legend (modded)

Pants.Shi – Drape Bermudas V2

Boots[The Forge] – Daerwen Boots

BeltDPD – Eternal Belt (modded)

Bracers[The Forge] – Rare Bracer (Black)

Scarf*ARGRACE* – Infinity Scarf

Staff[ Stitched Gods ] – Monk Staff (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Shield:Enigma: – Shield of Eloise RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)


What Yasmin is Wearing:

Skin: [PF] Sora <Peach> – Flushed

Eyes: IDON Vanity Eyes – Poltergeist

Hair: Exile::Hearts Don’t Breakeven Natural Fusion


Corset: [Teri] Shanari Black

Undershirt: [Teri] Shanari Black

Pants: [The Forge] Daerwen Outfit, (Black/silver)

Belt: [The Forge] Daerwen Outfit, (Black/Silver)

Boots: [The Forge] Daerwen Outfit, (Black/Silver)

Shoulders: [The Forge] Daerwen Outfit (Black/Silver)

Upper arms: [The Forge] Daerwen Armour, Female (warn black)

Lower arms: [The Forge] Daerwen Ourtfit (Black/Silver)

Shield: LRWeapons Hell’s Shield (Sheath)

Of the Woodland Realm

There Beren came from mountains cold,
And lost he wandered under leaves,
And where the Elven-river rolled
He walked alone and sorrowing.

Of the Woodland Realm

What I’m Wearing:

Hair::Exile:: – Pulse (Raven)

Ears: MANDALA Jewelry – Unisex Elf Ears

PantsRochambeau – Medieval Pants

BootsTonkTastic – 50’s Jump Boots

BeltPFC – Role Belt – Raider RARE (Black) (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

CloakPFC – Elven Cloak

Gloves:  .Shi – Fingerless Gloves

Harness[The Forge] – Arden Chest Strap ULTRA RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Bracers[The Forge] – Eldar Armor (Gold)

Pipe[ Stitched Gods ] – The Old Puffer (Black)

FlagPFC – Elven Flag (Whiteish)

Shield::RD:: – Titan RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Let the storm rage on

 Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains of the moon.


 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens in two days, and I have more items featured in this outfit. I’m especially fond of Pucca Firecaster’s Elven Quiver, a rare in the machines, and I’m in love with the staffs that Daniel Silvercloud has created. Make sure you all check out the Fantasy Gacha Carnival on February 1st!


What I’m Wearing:

Hair/Wasabi Pills/ – Erik Hair

Ears: MANDALA Jewelry – Unisex Elf Ears

Tunic with leggings{KD} Kahli Designs – Woodsman Outfit Blue

Belt[The Forge] – Elan (Black/Gold) Common (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Boots[The Forge] – Daerwen Boots

Stole[ Stitched ] – Fur Stole M Fox RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

QuiverPFC – Elven Quiver RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Bracers[The Forge] – Eldar Armor (Royal)

Circlet: Wimey – Men’s Silver Waters Circlet

Staff[ Stitched Gods ] – Gnarled Staff (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Shield:Enigma: – Conviction Shield (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

The King of Thieves

No, the bugle sounds no more,
And the twanging bow no more;
Silent is the ivory shrill
Past the heath and up the hill;
There is no mid-forest laugh,
Where lone Echo gives the half
To some wight, amaz’d to hear
Jesting, deep in forest drear.


More items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and some old favorites! Check out my look today.

Thief Final

What I’m Wearing:

Hair::Exile:: – Tidal (Raven)

Ears: MANDALA Jewelry – MALE[MANDALA]Stretched EARS

Face bandage+pe+ – Warning Blind Fold

Pants and Boots: Yasum Design – Short Baggers and Bagger Boots

BeltYasum Desgin – Viking Shawl Buckle

CloakFATEplay – Kollo – Forrest

HarnessDPD – Weapon Harness IV (Advanced Dark Grey)

Bracer[The Forge] – Eldar Armor (Wood)

Arm BandDPD – Weapon Harness II Arm Band

Pauldron[Ascent] – FGC Baldor Pauldron 01 RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Arm ArmorDPD – Rebel R Arm

Crown:  Remarkable Oblivion – Sylver Crown (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Sword[EZ Weaponry] – Claiomh Solais Blade

The Return of the King

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.


What I’m Wearing:

Hair[taketomi] – Jirou Hair

Ears: MANDALA Jewelry – MALE[MANDALA]Stretched EARS

Top{KD} Kahli Designs – Royal Rainment

Pants[Deadwool] – Lahood Pants

Boots*LightStar* – Assassin Boots

Bracers[The Forge] – Black Bracer RARE

Crown:  .::Distorted Dreams::. – Vermithor Crown – RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Staff[ Stitched Gods ] – Emperor Staff RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

AxeH&S MetalWorks ltd. – Royal Axe I

Shield:Enigma: – Shield of Eloise Black RARE (@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)